BIM Token: A Central Element of BIM Group

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BIM Group, through the BIM token, aims to be the cornerstone of web3 transformation. The group aspires to bridge the gap between WEB3 and WEB2 while integrating traditional finance.

The BIM token is designed to establish a connection between web3 initiatives and tangible real-world applications. As the first venture capital fund backed by bpifrance, BIM is wholly dedicated to supporting hardware, deeptech, WEB3, and other projects.

Offered Services

  1. BIM PAY & BIM Exchange: The BIM token is at the heart of BIM PAY, an e- commerce payment module. Additionally, BIM Exchange facilitates swift transactions, and BIM also acts as the governance token within the DEX and CEX infrastructure.
  2. Consulting & Industries: BIM supports innovation, facilitating rapid and sustainable growth for startups and SMEs from their inception. It also offers consulting services, press relations, industrialization, and supports the rapid development of startups and SMEs.


Security is paramount for the BIM token:

  • It utilizes the Polygon blockchain, known for its reliability and robustness.
  • It is backed by the French Investment Bank (BPI).
  • Decisions are made collectively through their DAO, thus minimizing risks of manipulations and frauds.

Why BIM?

The BIM token offers several strategic advantages:

  1. Vanguard of Web 3.0: It acts as a bridge connecting the real world with Web 3.0.
  2. Ecology and Economy: Using the Polygon blockchain, BIM offers eco-efficient transactions.
  3. Security and Transparency: BIM ensures secure and transparent transactions.
  4. Participative Governance: Through its governance token system, BIM promotes decentralized governance.
  5. Fluidity of Commercial Exchanges: Thanks to BIM PAY & BIM Exchange, BIM encourages fluid exchanges.
  6. Support for French Companies: It is dedicated to boosting innovation within French startups and SMEs.


The $BIM token stands out for its innovative economic model. A significant portion of its monetary mass is dedicated to the reserve, thus promoting growth and future investments with unlocking possible only through its DAO. With the expansion of the $BIM community and the introduction of new platforms like BIM Pay and BIM Exchange, the demand for the token is on the rise. The total number of tokens is capped at 314 million, which, combined with a deflationary strategy, should lead to an increase in its value.

Total capitalization distribution of the $BIM token:

CategoryPercentageToken Quantity
Total BIM in circulation100%314,000,000
Public Sale19%59,660,000

Furthermore, it’s important to note that tokens held by the founding team are subject to a vesting clause. This clause stipulates that they can only sell their tokens if the price of $BIM exceeds a predetermined limit. This measure ensures the team’s interests align with those of the community and the project as a whole.

BIM’s BurnToken Mechanism

BIM commits to using 5% of its profits each quarter to repurchase and destroy $BIM tokens on the secondary market. This mechanism, known as “burn token,” helps reduce the amount of $BIM in circulation, thus inscribing BIM’s economic model in a deflationary dynamic. As a result, this practice will increase the scarcity of the digital token $BIM, potentially favoring an appreciation of its value. This mechanism is a proactive response to inflation, ensuring the token’s value is not diluted by excessive supply.

Advantages of the Polygon Blockchain

The Polygon blockchain, upon which BIM is based, offers several benefits:

  1. Eco-efficiency: It allows for transactions that consume less energy.
  2. Ultra-fast Transactions: Designed to process a large number of transactions per second.
  3. Reduced Transaction Fees: It offers significantly lower transaction fees.
  4. Interoperability: It provides unprecedented connectivity with other blockchains.
  5. Robust Security: The Polygon blockchain is designed with cutting-edge security protocols.

Launched in August 2022 on the Polygon blockchain, the initial purpose of the BIM token was to invest in unlisted companies. Since then, BIM has transcended its original role to become a reliable accelerator for emerging businesses. More than just a token, BIM represents a vision, a mission, and a commitment to innovation, security, and growth. It symbolizes an aspiration to create a space where technology, economy, and ecology harmoniously converge in web3. With its many advantages and solid support, BIM is ready to play a decisive role in the transformation of the web3.

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